What would YOU do to survive?

While preparing to visit Berlin for the first time since he fled Nazi Germany, Isaac can’t stop the torrent of memories about a schoolmate he worshipped at the age of 12. When he knew her, Stella was the school’s blonde bombshell utterly convinced she was destined for fame in Hollywood
and viewed being Jewish as an unpleasant accident of birth. In the present Isaac has learned that Stella survived the war by doing the unimaginable; working as a “Catcher”, exposing and turning in fellow Jews to the Gestapo. Isaac tries to reconcile his memories of a vivacious proud hopeful girl with the rumours and
fragmented history of her capture and coercion by the Nazis and her eventual exceeding of the Reich’s expectations of her.  He begins to draw a connective
line from his memories of Stella as an artist’s model at the beginning of the war, to his vivid reconstructions of the rumours
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Company Info:
Christopher Comrie &
Samantha Swan
Samantha Swan as STELLA,
Sergio Gallinaro as THE CHIEF

Photo Credit: Chris Comrie
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of Stella’s evolution as a sexual strategist as the stakes increased: from her exploitation of her blonde iconography to escape a Jewish work detail; her exploits underground with a talented forger; to her sadomasochistic cat and mouse game with the Chief of Police.
Throughout Issac argues the question with his wife Lili, Stella’s closest childhood friend:  Did she have a choice?
In the end, it is only Lili, motivated by the lifelong question of the fate of her mother, who has the courage to confront Stella in present day Berlin.
This play’s major themes are the destructive nature of narcissism and the utter banality of evil.