Pinned-Up: The Exploits Of Bettie is an even darker but ultimately more satisfying look at a different sort of show business. In this world of female pornography there is such a sad, desperate search for love and fame. Ultimately, the scars made in that search go deeper than anything burned into the flesh by the ropes of bondage.
This new play by Samantha Swan is compelling, but unimaginative direction from Christopher Comrie emphasizes the play's troublesome, episodic nature. Still, performances by a crack cast -- especially Samantha Swan as the scarred and battered Bettie -- do much to make this show riveting.
Phil Luzi is terrific in a series of roles from Bettie's abusive father to her acting-school boyfriend. Jamie Mendel makes a good impression, too, as Bettie's young husband and a masochistic fan.
Emily Andrews is wonderful as a sexy model parading in white drawers, as well as a helpless doctor trying to probe Bettie's battered heart.
Pinned-Up is exciting theatre.

Gary Smith has written on theatre and dance for The Hamilton Spectator for more than 25 years.
"PINNED UP: The Exploits of Bettie "
By Samantha Swan
The Cygnet Theatre Company in association with the  Hamilton Fringe Jackson Square Theatre

Special to The Spectator
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(Aug 21, 2006)
Emily Andrews as Roz, Samantha Swan as Bettie