Snapshot is undeservedly suffering from invisibility.
It is a beautiful play that was originally programmed for the defunct Wigwam. As a consequence, it is sadly unknown, which is grossly unfair to actress-playwright Samantha Swan and her committed cast.

Snapshot takes the form of a memoir of her childhood, written by Jan (played by Natasha Marco), a constant presence downstage.

The central character is her larger-than-life Scottish Aunt Sissy. While Jan is a shy teen, her ever-obliging Aunt is as in-yer-face as they come. She may be a Catholic but this doesn't stop her from eating and drinking to excess and having sex with every bad man that she can find. Her reasoning for this rings true, thanks to a wonderful performance from the playwright. Sissy has sex to try to cheer these animals up, as if this was her divinely-inspired mission.

Samantha Swan is a gifted actress and imbues Sissy with life. Her relationship with Dermot, a wife-beater that everybody likes, becomes all too plausible.
It is also somewhat unusual for a theatrical heroine to be above a size 10 and this might mean that far more people will empathise with this wonderful creation than the usual supermodel lookalikes.

Alex Kane and Sergio Gallinaro give good support to the actresses throughout, playing numerous parts between them.

This tale of "ovaries and rosaries" is extremely well written and perfectly paced, thanks to director Christopher Comrie. It also has the heart to move and cheer all who see it.

Philip Fisher
"Snapshot "
By Samantha Swan
The Cygnet Theatre Company in association with Fringe Management
George Square Theatre

Samantha Swan as Sissy, Sergio Gallinaro as Dermot
Photo Nadia Schwein